We have launched new sizes!
This week we are thrilled to announce the launch of our new 200ml and 750ml glass bottles across the entire Saicho range. Since launching back in 2019, we've been working closely with sommeliers, hoteliers and loyal customers to continue to innovate non-alcoholic drinking and dining experiences.

Excitingly, the new 200ml (single serve) bottles will allow drinkers and non-drinkers to use Saicho as a mixer, whether this be a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail, or as part of a refreshing spritz style drink, ideal for summer sipping. The larger 750ml bottles are the perfect accompaniment to a sumptuous meal, to enjoy with family and friends, or simply to share and celebrate. 

We're delighted our new smaller and larger bottles will once again include our signature, ornately designed label artwork, which nods to each tea's specific heritage, including the national bird from the country the tea is sourced from.  

At Saicho we're continuing our passion project to bring sparkling tea to the dining tables of the world. Whether eating in a fine dining restaurant, enjoying a drink at a wine bar or just at home with family and friends. We hope that our knowledge, passion, hard work and hands-on approach shines through in every bottle.