Chinese New Year Tea Gifting

For centuries, tea has brought people together. That is why we believe that tea is often the perfect gift for any occasion. This Chinese New Year we celebrate the Year of the Tiger, encompassing vitality, strength and more determination to achieve our goals. With the upcoming 12 months expected to evoke self-confidence and courage in the face of challenges, what better way than to start the year through gifting good health. The Chinese have been drinking tea to bring wellness since its discovery several thousands of years ago. Buddhist monks discovered the secret power of tea during long hours of meditation as it helped them relax and soothe the mind. The secret is stored within a unique amino-acid in tea called L-Theanine, which works dynamically with caffeine to help our minds stay focused and awake; Tea is a truly thoughtful gift!


Saicho sparkling tea for Chinese New Year


‘Will you come around for some tea?’ Invitation and company has always been a huge part of tea culture and is a common reason why we gather with friends and family. To continue these beloved customs and the spirit of coming together, the idea of gifting tea is the centrepiece in many Chinese celebrations. If you’re planning to get gifts for your loved ones this Chinese New Year but have yet to decide on what’s best, Saicho’s teas are a great option to consider – and no, we are not talking about your ordinary tea bags. 

‘Eight Immortals’ is the first edition in our new Rare Tea Collection - a Chinese oolong tea which has elegant spiced aromas and complex bittersweet notes - perfect to start off Chinese New Year tea ceremonies while feasting on lightly spiced dishes. The limited edition sparkling tea is the epitome of luxury gifting during this Chinese New Year. There is nothing like telling stories, discussing new taste experiences and raising a toast with some of the world’s finest sparkling tea, enjoyed chilled in a champagne flute. 


Saicho Eight Immortals for Chinese New Year


The tea is sourced from Dan Cong tea trees, yielding only the finest and highest quality leaves grown on Guangdong’s mineral rich Phoenix Mountain. Named after one of China’s most well-known legends of the Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, it is the perfect addition to the season of gift giving as a luxurious bottle foretelling a captivating story to mark new beginnings. Each bottle is carefully wrapped and sealed with hand tied paper necks, crafted with gold designs nodding to the tea’s origins. The bespoke packaging is only fair to home such an upscale tea, wishing wealth and success with its red and gold labels, and China’s lucky number 8 in its legendary name. Traditionally, people believe good things come in pairs, so why not double your luck and gift Eight Immortals in our hand packaged boxed sets of two!

The values of tea are the jewels of humanity, and Saicho Eight Immortals brings elegance with a modern twist to classic tea culture. Continuing these traditions and the spirit of harmony, peace and respect from generation to generation, allows us to pave the way for a better world through each story shared over a timeline of tea.


Saicho sparkling tea for Chinese New Year