Top 5 Michelin star 2024 Restaurant Recommendations in Hong Kong

This 14th of March, the  Michelin Guide Ceremony for Hong Kong and Macau officially honours awardees of the much coveted Michelin star award. Renowned as the paramount authority and benchmark for excellence in the culinary world, the Michelin Guide annually awards exceptional establishments all around the world. These restaurants will be showcased in the esteemed Michelin Guide 2024, providing discerning diners with a guide when seeking out these acclaimed dining destinations.

Saicho takes immense pride in extending our heartfelt congratulations to several of our esteemed stockists that are part of the Michelin star 2024 restaurants

Read here for our top Michelin star picks featuring expertly crafted dishes paired with a glass of luxurious Saicho sparkling tea.



Image credit: TimeOut Hong Kong

Whey showcases a fusion of modern European dishes infused with the rich flavours from Chef Barry Quek’s native roots in Singapore. Drawing inspiration from his extensive culinary journey across Asia, Australia, and Europe, as well as fond childhood memories, each dish is filled with stories of cultural diversity and culinary expertise.

Whey takes the Michelin star dining experience to a new level, incorporating uncommon, yet remarkable pairings like their much-loved durian ice cream with caviar, or wagyu beef dish with home-made petai miso.


Image credit: TimeOut Hong Kong

Feuille, a Michelin Green Star awardee, is an extension of Chef Toutain's Paris restaurant. Focused on eco-friendly dining, Chef Toutain emphasizes local, seasonal ingredients in their vegetable-focused menu. 

Reinventing the concept of fine dining, Feuille offers a multi-course tasting menu that mirrors a plant's life cycle, starting with grains and seeds, then featuring leaves, stems, and roots, followed by desserts with flowers and fruits, and ending with petits fours. 

Noi at the Four Seasons

Image credit: Noi Restaurant 

For a taste of modern luxury and delectable non-alcoholic options, head to one-star Michelin star restaurant, Noi. Located in the iconic Four Seasons Hotel in Hong Kong, Noi is a contemporary Italian concept that offers diners a chance to get up close and personal with Chef Paulo to learn about his culinary heritage and passion for high quality ingredients sourced from artisanal producers.

Offering a delightful non-alcoholic pairing menu featuring our very own Saicho sparkling tea, Noi promises a well-balanced, harmonious combination of flavours.


Image credit: MICHELIN Guide

Duddell’s, located in Central on Hong Kong Island, is more than just a Cantonese fine dining restaurant. It doubles as an art space, housing an impressive collection of Asian art. Often hosting various cultural events and exhibitions, Duddells provides a stunning backdrop to an exquisite menu of authentic Cantonese specialties.

The first floor of the restaurant serves as the dining area, while the second floor houses a bar and lounge adorned with contemporary artworks.

Spring Moon at The Peninsula

Image credit: The Peninsula

Spring Moon is a renowned classic in the Hong Kong food scene. This Michelin star Chinese restaurant has been serving authentic Cantonese cuisine since 1986. The elegant dining room, adorned with art deco stained-glass windows, provides the perfect backdrop for Chef Lam Yuk Ming's flavourful dishes.

Their menu features a wide range of options, from elaborate dishes like braised bird nest soups and roasted pecking duck to various dim sum choices, perfect for enjoying with a glass of your favourite Saicho sparkling tea


If you are craving an award-winning dining experience, visit one of these extraordinary Michelin restaurants in Hong Kong. Elevate your journey of flavours even further by pairing these culinary marvels with a glass of luxurious, single-origin Saicho sparkling tea. Join us in celebrating the skills and passion of these Michelin star winners, and treat yourself to an exceptional culinary experience.